Out and Proud at the Rio Olympics

17 Aug 2016 by Jensen Byrne

A record number of out LGBTI athletes are participating at this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Photo: @AminiFonua (via Twitter).
The fundamental principle of Olympism states that “Every individual must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind.” This principle is particularly true for this year’s Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil with the participation of #TeamRefugees as well as the record number of out lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTI) athletes competing. … Read more

Forging partnerships with indigenous peoples to address climate change

12 Aug 2016 by Terence Hay-Edie

As the world’s indigenous peoples reminded the COP21 in 2015, their ancestral knowledge offers a tremendous contribution to assessing, adapting to, and mitigating climate change. UNDP Photo
For most of human history, nature has been our class-room. We are a travelling species, inquisitive from the outset. The songs of birds have shaped the myths of the rainforest-dwelling peoples of Papua New Guinea, an everyday poetry experienced through a walk in the forest, not from behind a desk, or a vibrating phone. … Read more

Our Smart devices deserve smarter endings

03 Aug 2016 by Tomoko Furusawa

ewaste dumpBecause E-waste contains precious metals such as gold, silver, copper and nickel which can be recovered, recycled and used as a valuable source of secondary raw materials, it has given rise to a backyard urban mining industry
Across the world, landfills or open dumps are brimming with microchips and circuit boards, which release toxic chemicals into the air, water and soil. … Read more

Waging War for Women in Peace

01 Aug 2016 by Rachel E. Macauley

Within the fabric of war and conflict are women and men who stand for peace, who inspire within us a belief that we can rise above our base selves to serve others; to be greater than the sum of our parts.
I am no stranger to war. Many times, I consider myself a product of it. I was born in Liberia, a country where 14 years of violent civil war pushed my family to relocate to the United States. … Read more

Leaving no one behind – Samoa at the High Level Political Forum

11 Jul 2016 by Hannie Meesters

Samoa knows that 'leave no one behind' is more than a slogan, that it is about real people, and real countries, that cannot be hidden behind global or national averages
You can imagine the challenges these islands face: they have little money, small populations, are vulnerable to natural disasters and external shock, and are often remote and hard to reach. In general, they are often themselves in danger of ‘being left behind’. … Read more