Reaching Beyond the Glass Ceiling

01 Mar 2017 by Shoko Noda, UN Resident Coordinator and UNDP Resident Representative in the Maldives

"I think among other things, I had upset the teacher by climbing trees with the boys during PE class", writes Shoko Noda (third from left).
Sometimes I wonder what my fourth grade teacher and first boss would think of my current position. They made me realize that as a girl in school or as a woman at work, we face not only glass ceilings, but glass walls that try to box us in. We are confined within a box of traditional and societal norms, which is more difficult to change than introducing a new equal opportunity law. … Read more

Why combating corruption in government contracts is key to funding the Sustainable Development Goals

01 Mar 2017 by Elodie Beth, Bangkok Regional Hub

As government's cast the net wider to fund the Global Goals, the savings from combating corruption remain a cache of untapped funding. Estimates show that about a fourth of global procurement budgets is drained through corruption, roughly two trillion USD annually. Photo UNDP Viet Nam
As the world looks for new ways to finance the ambitious Sustainable Development Goals, combating corruption in public procurement may trigger a virtuous cycle of ensuring higher quality public services and infrastructure that is built to last longer, as well as savings that can finance new development projects that bring us closer to the goals. … Read more

Using Drones to Fight Risks from Climate Change

26 Jan 2017 by Sanny Jegillos, Senior Advisor, Disaster Risk Reduction, UNDP BRH

My agency’s strong focus on innovation in the Asia-Pacific region, has resulted in some really interesting and out of the box initiatives. … Read more

UNDP Awarded the Royal Oder of Sahametrei

10 Jan 2017 by Ms. Hing Phearanich, UNDP Cambodia’s Policy Analyst

UNDP Awarded the Royal Oder of Sahametrei
UNDP was awarded the Royal Order of Sahametrei, Tepidin Class (Commander of the Order) from the Royal Government of Cambodia for its major effort to the country’s environmental conservation and protection. The Order was founded by the late King Norodom Sihanouk in 1948. It is the highest ranking medal conferred to foreigners for their distinguished service to Cambodia. … Read more

UNDP Bangladesh launches YES Crowdfunding Campaign

28 Nov 2016

UNDP Bangladesh, in partnership with CodersTrust, has developed the YES programme, which will bridge these challenges through an innovative model that tackles both issues at once. … Read more