‘Not everything that counts can be counted…’

22 May 2015 by Midori Paxton

Few nations, if any, keep records of the vast array of ecosystem services and biodiversity assets. UNDP Photo
‘And not everything that can be counted counts.’ So goes the oft-quoted adage by Albert Einstein. Wise words no doubt and, despite their overuse, I make no apology for repeating them. Indeed every time I hear them, either verbatim, or paraphrased, as someone working to conserve ecosystems and biodiversity, I feel encouraged. So often, they apply to our work, to the multitude of threats that have been wrecking the natural world driven by dollars rather than sense and, most importantly to the many potential solutions that lie within our reach. Here is another quote. Rather less celebrated. Never before in print, in fact. It came from the lips of a friend, watching something small and furry, and fearing the worst upon its discovery in her lavender beds.  “What a precious vole!” she said, caring, delighted surprise all too apparent both in her face and voice. While scientists might deride the emotion when used to describe a species, we’d still agree with “precious” as appropriate, given that in terms of food chains and ecological balance, the vole is an essential piece in the complex jigsaw that comprises a viable ecosystem.  Other people might see nothing particularly precious, at all. The UNDP, practically … Read more

In Nepal, a chance to consolidate peace from the rubble

06 May 2015 by Devanand Ramiah

Disasters open up a time-bound window for peace building and reconciliation, with actors across political divides coming together in a spirit of national unity. UNDP Photo
As the people of Nepal begin to rebuild their lives through the loss and sorrow that the April 25 earthquake has left in its wake, the country is faced with a choice that carries immense significance for its future. … Read more

Nepal’s opportunity to seize the moment for the future of its people

03 May 2015 by Sujala Pant

The need of the hour is to ensure that the generously contributed aid is disbursed in a timely and transparent manner, and reaches people who need it most. Photo UNDP Nepal
I was in Kathmandu this time around – and it was terrifying to experience the earthquake. I took refuge in my aunt’s house, along with 25 other people whose homes, like many across the city, were either damaged or destroyed. … Read more

Nepal: A lesson in the risks climate change poses to disaster-prone countries

29 Apr 2015 by Daniel Buckley

The earthquake of April 25th, 2015 measured 7.8 on the Richter Scale and has cause widespread destruction and death across Nepal. UNDP Photo
Weak existing infrastructure means many critical roads have been damaged. Remote mountain villages perched on hillsides require helicopters to distribute aid. Inadequate communications networks complicate the ability to understand and prioritise where relief is most needed. … Read more