Rebuilding post-earthquake Nepal with the strength of its volunteers

04 May 2016 by Anthony de la Cruz

To date, UNV Nepal has placed close to 100 volunteers in medium and long-term assignments requiring engineering and risk reduction expertise in the affected districts.
A year since, Nepal finds itself still rebuilding – a colossal task given the extent of the damage, and yet one that necessitates swift action so that people can start anew as soon as possible. As an advocate of volunteerism and staunch believer in what volunteers can give selflessly to meet development objectives, I am pleased that authorities in Nepal have indicated plans of mobilizing 100,000 volunteers for post-earthquake reconstruction. … Read more

How do you unlock the immense potential of youth?

22 Apr 2016 by Nicholas Rosellini

Nearly 300 million youth are underemployed in low-end or dead-end jobs. Trapped in low productivity and low paid jobs, they hover on the border of poverty. Photo: UNDP Sri Lanka
This region is home to about 670 million youth. But about 220 million of them -- of which a disproportionately large share are female -- are missing. They are neither studying nor working, and youth unemployment rates are on the rise. … Read more

Making every voice count

18 Apr 2016 by Dr. Pratibha Mehta

Viet Nam womanCreating ‘virtuous circles’ of empowerment between institutional reformers and engaged citizens is what PAPI is about.
A few weeks ago I was fascinated to learn that local authorities in Da Nang have harnessed the power of social media to make their coastal city cleaner, greener, and more beautiful. … Read more

Hand in hand, we are stronger than Winston

07 Apr 2016 by Tova Andersson

Even as they lament the losses, people especially the youth are busy at work, clearing debris. Photo Tova Andersson / UNDP
In the aftermath of TC Winston which struck Fiji in February, my mind was prepared for the destruction, having seen the photos. But there is a huge difference between pictures and witnessing first-hand the destruction of a village, following a storm surge. … Read more

The exciting future of volunteerism from the South, for the South

07 Apr 2016 by Manon Bernier

Many Southern countries now have national and international volunteer programmes defined and led by the South. Photo: UNDP India
The volunteering sector has greatly evolved over the last few decades. From originally being a North-South model, many Southern countries now have national and international volunteer programmes defined and led by the South. … Read more