Innovation Behind the Wheel

24 Apr 2018 by Zhang Weidong, Louise Xi Li and Nathan Stedman

 Emission Test (Photo: UNDP China)
Our journey is the story of taking a GEF funded project for fuel cell buses and scaling it up, introducing the hydrogen economy across several cities in China. … Read more

Tourists in Mongolia Get a Nudge to Litter Less in Nature

20 Apr 2018 by Javkhlan Ariunbaatar

Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia, Gorkhi-Terelj National Park, Mongolia, Javkhlan Ariunbaatar for UNDP Mongolia.
The latest statistics from the local government database show that around 120,000 Mongolians and more than 20,000 international tourists visited the park in 2016. And those numbers are rising by about 8.5 per cent every year. … Read more

Diversified Drill, One Wish

19 Apr 2018 by Tsubasa Enomoto, Project Officer, Disaster Risk Reduction team

One student kept repeating "Allahu Akbar"during the tsunami evacuation drill, we recently held in Aceh, Indonesia. I was wondering why this student continued to do so when it seemed that the teachers were in a hurry to give instructions to students, on what to do next. … Read more

No Gender Equality, no SDGs

28 Mar 2018 by Haruka Tsumori, BRH Gender Intern

23258243033_c9b589eb1b_kUNDP Afghanistan
The latest SDG progress report launched by the UN Secretary General showed that there was an urgent need for acceleration in the rate of implementation if we want to meet our targets. Goal 5: Gender Equality is not only recognized as an accelerator and as a goal in and of its own. With women making up half the population, not addressing gender equality can also act as a hindrance for overall development. … Read more

What have we learned applying the SDG interactions framework?

22 Mar 2018 by Annie Sturesson, Stockholm Environment Institute and Scott Standley, UNDP Bangkok Regional Hub

UNDP Mongolia
In a post last November, the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) presented a framework for assessing interactions between the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to help countries can design more coherent policies to achieve them. Since then, SEI and UNDP have started to test the framework in Sri Lanka and Mongolia. What have we learned so far? … Read more